The best GPS for bikes on the market

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The bike! The first means of transport that one learns to control over time but which is made to love immediately. He accompanied us to the home of our first friends and now there will be those who use it
in the Abruzzo cycle paths (the longest in Europe) and those in the mountain roads characterized by long climbs and rapid descents.

An accessory that has become indispensable in recent times for all bicycle lovers is definitely the GPS (or navigator). If you are used to pushing yourself too far from your knowledge of the area, you will certainly have to stop, take out your smartphone and set the way back. An uncomfortable and "disagreeable" procedure because you had to stop and not risk going off the road. Not to mention the battery! How much would you consume for one hour of travel?
The GPS for bikes allows you to avoid this and indeed, you will have many advantages of which the main ones are:

you can also use it around Europe without any additional cost, unlike using your phone's data network;
a touch screen will allow you to set the destination in a few steps without having to stop.

Here you are the best GPS for bikes on the market:

Garmin Edge 1000 GPS 
in standard version;
in the extended version with premium soft cardio band, Cadence and Speed ??Sensors;
Garmin Edge 810 GPS 
in standard version;
in the extended version with premium cardio band;
Garmin Edge 520 GPS

As you can see, Garmin dominates this category. Let's see some specifications of these jewels of technology.
Garmin Edge 1000 GPS is suitable for those who want to have everything and love to get involved with the "Segments" function.
With the Round Trip Routing function, your device will calculate up to a maximum of 3 routes once your destination is set. A very useful function for those who love learning new roads.
With this and the other devices you will always be connected:

automatic detection;
notifications of calls and sms;
sharing on social media.

An indispensable and very useful object!

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  • 31/07/2018