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If it is possible to remedy minor physical defects with make-up or suitable clothing, the hair, the weapon of seduction and the frame of the face, are always in the foreground at their most natural state. We can color them, cut them, dress them, but their health must be carefully treated, otherwise all our other care will be useless. Taking care of your hair means first of all washing them properly.
But how do you wash your hair? The rules to wash your hair well without stressing it apply to everyone, men and women, long and short hair. Choose the shampoo suitable for your hair, which can be oily, color threated, dry or simply normal.
Before washing your hair, rinse it under running water that is not very hot. In fact, the heat also shakes your hair like this. Pour a small amount of product on the hand and rub it in your hands to make it warm and then distribute it on the head. It will be enough little shampoo to wash well the whole head, try it to believe it. Massage the scalp with the fingertips, not with the nails, without rubbing too hard, starting from the times, rising towards the forehead and gradually the rest of the head. Only massage the scalp, do not rub the ends of the hair, which will not ruin and clean anyway.
It is true that a good shampoo generate a lot of foam, in fact, this reaction is completely superfluous and only indicates the presence of many soaps and phosphates that Achil overly degrease the skin and damage it. Then start rinsing, again with not too hot water, until there are no more residues on the hair and no more bubbles will appear,
Switch to hydration using the balm or a nourishing cream. Unlike what happens with the shampoo, the balm should only be placed on the tips and left in place for about five minutes and then rinsed. Also in this case choose the best product for your hair type. After this operation, pat your hair with a soft towel, but do not rub it in any way.
The towel, which can be kept in the head for several minutes, serves to absorb the water and make the drying phase faster and less harmful. We know it is often impossible to give up the hair dryer, but be sure to start using it only after using the towel and from a distance of at least 15-20 from the scalp.
If you can, avoid washing your hair every day but do it every other day, using a cream or moisturizing mask intensive action once a week, especially if your hair is treated or you have to proceed to the crease very often (all actions that compromise hydration, shine, strength of your hair).
If you need to make the fold using brushes, prefer the one with natural bristles, which attack less hair and do not choose products based on silicon, with the heat they just melt and blend with your hair, disidratandoli lot.
Hair straightener would be banned, but if you can not give it up use at least one model with ceramic, less harmful to the hair, but still not beneficial!

  • 31/07/2018