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Mold is a real problem, not only aesthetically! Living in a musty environment is not healthy, it is therefore a good idea to proceed to its elimination already at the first appearances, from the outside of the paint penetrates more and more into the walls, damaging them.


The best thing is to contact experts who proceed through the use of specific products and interventions that counteract the humidity. Yes because it is in the humidity that the mold proliferates, making grow the mushrooms from which it is formed (and therefore must be stopped, otherwise, being something alive, will continue to increase).


In addition to professional products, especially useful in the most serious cases, there are also "do-it-yourself" remedies, to be tested in case the mold has not appeared too long.


Bleach: aerate and spray.

White vinegar: vaporize directly on moldy parts.

Grapefruit seed extract: add about twenty drops to two cups of water and steam.

Bicarbonate dissolved in water.


Do not use sponges directly on the mold, you would make the spores fly to other points in the room.

  • 31/07/2018