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"Steam and mop", these are the elements at the base of the new Black & Decker scrubber-dryer.

The most immediate benefit of this new product is being able to say goodbye to buckets, rags, chemicals; in the second place the sanitizing power of the steam allows to eliminate more than 99% of the bacteria.

Practicality is another element that should not be underestimated: the object is light and manageable and preliminary operations require only 15 seconds. Articulated, it switches off automatically as soon as it is left in a vertical position.

How does it work? Fill the water tank (half liter capacity), select the type of floor, Steam Mop will begin to deliver the right amount depending on the type of material to be treated (it can take up to 400 minutes without adding water) and will clean the floor perfectly thanks to the microfibre cloth (washable and usable for over 100 washes.

On which surfaces can it be used? Parquet, laminate, marble, tiles, carpets. It seems clear that you save time and energy using Steam Mop, but the hygiene that guarantees this product is really amazing.

With traditional products, most germs are retained in water or inside the rags' fibers, which involves the use of more powerful chemicals that, in addition to cost, do not guarantee the result and can be harmful. for people and environment. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, sanitizes floors safely and does so without damaging them.

And the price? It ranges from a minimum of 68 euros to a maximum of, approximately, 124, depending on the versions.

From fat to footprints of the dog's paws, Steam Mop seems to be really the solution that was missing! We promote it with full marks, have you tried it? Let us know what you think!

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  • 31/07/2018