How to naturally remedy mosquito bites

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We all love spending days in a park: there are those who like to walk with their dog, play with their children, or just have a picnic with friends. But fun and tranquility are fragile when insects like bees, wasps or mosquitoes reign supreme in the parks. Or again, who among you has not spent sleepless nights because of a mosquito buzzing right on your ear?

Here, what will be described soon will be a completely natural remedy against insect bites!
The "material" you need is not a little but do not be discouraged at the start, everything is very simple to find, even in your garden!
All you need is:

  • burdock leaves;
  • lavender flowers;
  • mint leaves;
  • rosemary leaves;
  • Sage leaves;
  • thyme leaves.

Take everything you need (strictly fresh) and crush it. Take the mixture so obtained and rub it into the skin where you have been stung. Nothing could be simpler, no?
You can also remedy it in other ways. You can use soft clay compresses overnight or even a concentrated brew of juniper berries to make compresses for a few hours.

  • 09/07/2018