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With the arrival of summer you felt like going out for a bike ride but you noticed that your vehicle is not presentable? Before throwing it, try to give it a new face and fix it! It is not a simple operation and requires a little patience, but satisfaction can be enormous.

Here is a mini guide of the steps to follow.

Remove the wheels and clean the whole bike with the degreaser. Pass the sandpaper well on the rusty parts. Remember to cover the parts that do not need to be painted with scotch, as you do with the skirting board when you have to paint a wall.

Remove any adhesives making sure to remove the glue (there are some spry products to remove the adhesives), also using the sandpaper if necessary and pass the anti-rust on the rusty parts that you have previously scraped.

If possible before using the paint, use a primer, a sort of "anti-rust" (gray or beige) that smoothes the surface to be painted, protects from corrosion and guarantees greater grip of the final paint.

Paint with the spray can, if you have space, do it after hanging it. Pass several hands, passing at least 15 minutes between each other. The layers must be thin, to make the surface smooth. To obtain a smooth and uniform result, it may be necessary to pass sandpaper to level the frame between one hand and the other. Allow 24 hours between primer and paint.

Once you are satisfied with your work, you will be able to proceed with the drafting of the transparent: just pass 2 or 3 hands and do it at close range.

Important: Make sure the surface is clean and free from dust whenever you spread the primer, paint or clearcoat.

  • 27/08/2018