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It will also happen to you to finish the croquettes for the dog and the shop of confidence was invariably closed.

What to do then? Simple: buy online! There are many pet stores online, but few are serious and fast.

We have tried a bit ', but what we liked most was Zooplus.

This store offers more than 8,000 products, from dog clothes to cat food. And all of quality and present in stock!

It has more than 10 years of experience and a capillary presence throughout Europe (it is present in 20 European countries).

Add to this that the shipping costs are free if you exceed the 29 euros of order and that you will be entitled to a further discount if you exceed 100 euros.

Another discount for new members, as much as 10%

It 'one of the few stores to be really provided even with regard to the wear and tear of our animals (dogs or cats).

Try to take a look, here is the link: click here

  • 27/08/2018