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The sun is shining and you can not resist the temptation to start the tanning operation? No problem, but do not forget to pay attention to some precautions that will avoid turning a pleasant moment dedicated to relaxation in a nightmare called sunburn!

First of all, throw away the bottles of last year, unfortunately the fat contained in sunscreens can degrade and make the product ineffective (which in any case has a deadline reported to 12 months after opening). So before you arm yourself with beach towel make an effort and go to the nearest store and choose the most suitable protection for your phototype:

  • children or adults with very light complexions, ephelides, blond or red hair, light eyes. Almost total lack of melanin with risk of damage or burns - phototype 1. If it is not possible not to expose yourself to the sun, choose high filters (SPF 35 - 60).
  • fair complexion, dark blond or light brown hair, light tanning - phototype 2. Filters not lower than 25 - 30
  • pretty dark complexion, brown hair - phototype 3. Although they are among the luckiest, it is good that they do not lower the guard, filters from 20 to 25 SPF at least for the first days of exposure.

  • olive complexion, eyes and black hair - phototype 4. They can afford a protective factor around 15 and then gradually go down to 4.

Always favor a fluid and slightly oily cream compared to an oil, which does not allow you to add adequate filters, without forgetting to renew the application after each bath and every two / three hours.

But why is it necessary to protect yourself? Sun rays are essential to our health, but I also hide some dangers that can generate free radicals, causing skin aging (UVA rays) and can lead to cell mutations (UVB). IR rays even reach the hypodermis, the deepest layer of our skin, resulting in skin drying.

SPF (Sun Protector Factor), FP (Protection Factor), IP (Protection Index) are all abbreviations that indicate the protection factor, which in turn corresponds to the number of hours of sun exposure that the product guarantees.

Self tanning and artificial lamps will not help you in any way to prepare your skin before a holiday by the sea or in the mountains, so it is worth taking a few minutes to spread your cream on your face and on the whole body sparingly! Do not forget to bring an after-sun cream with you, essential for nourishing the skin that has inevitably lost moisture during the day.

Absolutely banished the "do-it-yourself" concoctions and definitely recommended common sense: not even the best creams will be able to protect you in the midday of fire of the tropics or at high altitudes, be cautious!

  • 27/08/2018