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Summer is approaching and many parts of the body that remain hidden during the winter will return to show off. These include the feet, an area that many women tend to neglect but which is very important for health (sustain us for life!) And for the physical appearance, which can definitely earn points thanks to the fairy feet. So if you want to wear those amazing sandals that you like so much but you realize you have to resort to repair, here is a small guide to make a DIY pedicure fast and easy.

 - First of all make a nice foot bath: at least 10 minutes in warm water (if you do also follow a dive in cold water your feet will deflate and you will experience a pleasant feeling of relief). In this way the skin will become softer and even the cuticles will become easier to eliminate.


- After the foot bath take the pumice stone (or the "rasp") and pass it under the sole of the foot, the front sides of the feet and under the heel.


- Cuticles phase: just as you do with your hands avoid cutting them but just push them, after having passed a cream or a special oil. This is to avoid damage or infection (we are still talking about a do-it-yourself!).


- Let's move on to the nails and we intend to move with the file, to avoid risk of flaking them. Do not continuously move the file back and forth, but make firm movements from the inside out, limiting the outer part of the nail.


- Apply a moisturizer over the entire foot. Nails, heel, fingers: everything!


- If you want to paint your nails, apply solvent before applying the enamel. Equip yourself with the appropriate dividers for your fingers and choose the color you prefer.


For beautiful and healthy feet, however, remember to use pumice stone at least three times a week and apply a moisturizer every night!

  • 27/08/2018