How to make an economical and ecological shampoo

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Entering a supermarket and seeing dozens of types of shampoo has now become a very normal thing. There are various colors, sizes but all promise something suitable for every type of hair. Dried or fat, every hair has its own. But what are these products made of? Are they harmful to our skin and hair? The answer to this last question is very often affirmative. So what is the solution? Getting a homemade shampoo is definitely the most sensible choice and that will affect our wallet in a minimal way.
You will save about 3 euros for every 250 ml of shampoo! But now let's see how we must proceed!

To make this shampoo you need a few tablespoons of flour, 250 ml of warm water and two tablespoons of white vinegar or apples. These "ingredients" are combined in a vial and stirred until a cream is formed. It must not be too watery. Leaving the shampoo with traditional foam, you can apply our new shampoo and after a few minutes you can rinse your hair safely with plenty of water. In case some grains remain, they will go away as soon as you use the hair dryer.

If you want a more fragrant product, just add essential oils (no more than a couple of drops) to the basic ingredients. If you have other needs, you can add flax seed gel, which gives a moisturizing and polishing effect, one of cocoa powder that nourishes the hair and one of turmeric.

  • 10/07/2018