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The cat is a very demanding animal, even when it comes to food. Do not think you can feed him with leftovers or products not suitable for him: he would not touch them and in any case they would not do him good.

The cat has a very delicate digestive system, so worry about getting food designed just for your needs. Preparing food for your cat also means thinking about where and how to serve it.

The cat has a very developed sense of smell, so it is forbidden to place the bowl near the litter or in the area where it is customary to do its own needs. It is better to avoid that the bowl is made of plastic: it absorbs the smells that are hardly eliminated by washing, and its majesty the cat does not like at all to hear odors different from that of their food while eating.

After lactation of the cat (which lasts about 50 days), it is possible to start to wean the puppies. For the first few days use the appropriate milk for kittens (you can find it in all pet stores), do not use in any case the world of cow's milk or other milk that you have purchased for you. After a few days you can add crunchy or homogenized to gradually get used to assimilating solid food. In fact, for the first time, it is good to make the food rather soft (adding water or milk).

The food should be heated, put in a flat container and should be made to taste the baby with a finger on his lips. When you approach the food yourself you can start to decrease the percentage of liquid from food. Continue to give the cat food for kittens up to 9 months, even if weaning usually ends at the eighth week of life. When the cat is an adult you can switch to feeding it differently. If you have time and want to prepare something homemade, limit yourself to rice, meat and vegetables. Ask for more detailed information to your vterinary, to make sure that the cat receives the right amount of vitamins and proteins (nutritional imbalances can cause very serious damage, remember that the cat is not just picky, it is very delicate!).

Avoid fish and bone bones, if you opt for meat to accompany it with other foods, milk in adulthood can create more harm than good, abolish sweets! Industrial food has the advantage of being already balanced, digestible and very pleasing to the palate of felines.

There are moist foods, such as pates or morsels, or dried, such as croquettes, which can not be left in the bowl all day (the cat loves to have more meals during the day). If you choose moist food, after each meal wash the bowl, the residues may in fact go bad and develop harmful microorganisms. When the cat gets older, it usually starts to have chewing problems.

Then remove the homemade foods and nourish it with appropriate products, soft and balanced. In any case, at any age, do not exceed the recommended daily dose and in case of any doubt, check with your veterinarian.

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  • 27/08/2018