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The cohabitation with pets is a source of great joy and fun but must be calibrated and managed with intelligence. It is important that the needs of all the inhabitants of the house (people and animals) are respected without damaging those of others. A dog that lives daily in close contact with the owner has always and in any case needs its own spaces, a corner to settle in, in which to feel safe and relax. For many reasons, there are many dogs that can not sleep at home. For reasons of space, hygiene or characteristics of the animal, we often opt for a doghouse.

How to choose?

First of all, a doghouse must be of a size suitable for the size of the dog, must be able to sleep comfortably and be able to stay there even standing. If the doghouse must remain outside, in an uncovered area, it is essential that it be waterproofed. Your dog will need to be well protected and stay warm throughout the winter. The roof must be sloping and the best thing is that it is liftable, to facilitate cleaning operations. Inside you can make it more cozy with pillows and blankets, to be treated with special products that avoid the proliferation of annoying pests. If you fear that your beloved four-legged friend suffers too much cold, opt for a heatable doghouse, or equip yourself with electric warmers to be placed under the covers. In addition, you can attach a plastic door that will leave the cold air out and allow your dog to enter and exit freely. The thermal coatings are removable, so you can remove them in the summer months.

Where to place the doghouse?

If your dog does not like to spend the night in the doghouse, put it in an area near the front door, he will feel more comfortable and will get used more easily because he will feel closer to you. The doghouses are ideal for both terraces and gardens. In the latter case, the advantage is that the dog can get out of the doghouse for his own needs without creating too much damage. As we said, the doghouses are usually waterproof, whether they are in wood or in other material, but, being able, it would be better to place them under a shed or a porch to further repair the dog.

At home?

Even at home you can take many small tricks useful for everyone. Especially if there are small children or you have to host fearful friends, you can install dog-proof dividers, to be placed near the doors. Speaking of doors, if your dog loves to come in and out at home, to avoid having to go and open and close the door, there are doors for dogs to be placed inside the door of the house. Passing through your own personal door, your dog will be able to cross the door in both directions without disturbing you.

Where to buy doghouse?

Our suggestion is to buy it online: save time and money. Here is a good site to start (click to open the link).

  • 27/08/2018