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The eyes are not only the mirror of the soul, it is the point where all types of makeup are concentrated, from the most natural to the most sophisticated. Too bad that suffice a little 'too obvious to ruin everything! Stress, night clubbing, stressed health can make dark circles appear to anyone and at any age, for some women it is instead a chronic problem.

It is basically a problem of circulation that causes dark halos around the eye area, to counteract it is possible to intervene on the diet (take a lot of vitamin C and vitamin K, the latter useful not to make the blood coagulate); choose specific supplements to help the microcirculation; use special creams that strengthen the capillaries.

Fortunately, the make-up allows you to cover the dark circles, just follow some small tricks.

To cover the blemishes your best friend is called concealer. Contrary to what you may think, the corrector should be applied after foundation, this also in order not to put an excessive amount that would underline the defect rather than minimize it.

The correct product order is therefore: primer, foundation, concealer, powder (to fix everything). The primer is applied on the mobile eyelid, not on the eyebrow; the foundation on all the face but not really on the eye because it would only highlight folds and small wrinkles; the corrector on the area to be corrected; the powder all over her face.

Which color to use? Not choosing the right shade can make the situation worse. From the classic pink corrector we have passed to have many options, to be calibrated and sometimes mixed according to need. In general, the color rule is this: peach-colored corrector, or anyway orange tones, for brown and / or blue dark circles (pink or, worse, white, would turn the spot into a literally gray area); yellow concealer for purple dark circles.

How to put it? Use a cat's tongue brush and apply the product as if to draw a half-moon under the eye and blend towards the center of the eye. Help yourself with a corrector of a shade similar to your skin color to blend it better outwards, obtaining an even more natural effect.

Expert secret: mixing the eye cream concealer makes the application easier and the tone more personalized.

Here is selected for you the best concealers on the market:

L'Oréal Paris Makeup True Match Super-Blendable Concealer

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- BareMinerals Correcting Concealer 

  • 24/08/2018