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If you are looking for advice and recommendations to buy safely online ... keep reading.

Should you buy on the Internet? And if so, what?

Doing online shopping does not differ much from entering a mall: in both cases there are opportunities and false deals that nestle between the shelves. The advantage of the web is that in a very short time it is possible to enter many shops without spending a cent. In addition, we have benefited from sites like ours which, for the same product, compare the price of many online stores (already verified) and show the lowest price among those available.

Compare prices

Pay attention to the particular VAT included / excluded, shipping costs, any insurance costs. When possible, use the sites like ours which, in addition to guaranteeing the reliability of the merchants, show the best prices by already comparing various e-commerce.

But the transport?

He made tremendous progress. Deliveries in less than 24 hours are the order of the day and, if you are not in a hurry, you will hardly have to wait more than 3/5 days. If the goods come from abroad, costs and times can also rise considerably, so be sure to check the prices.


Always purchase only products available in the seller's warehouse. Otherwise you may find yourself in the unfortunate condition of paying the goods and receiving it after months. For a couple of euro difference is it worth it?


There are two recommendations: prepaid credit card or Paypal. The transactions with a standard credit card do not recommend it at all: they are 100% secure but the data remain stored in the various servers, and the recent events of the Sony giant push us, for the time being, to prefer prepaid cards.

How do I know if a site is reliable?

If you have followed a link on our site you can sleep peacefully: we meticulously check every store! If instead you landed by chance on another site you can start from checking the actual existence of the specified VAT number. Another thing to check is the warranty conditions and the right of withdrawal. Finally check if there are indications of the company that manages the site. Are not you convinced yet? A search with the name of the shop on Google can remove any doubt!

  • 24/08/2018