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Women all over the world know it: at any latitude, at any age, any profession they do, cellulite is a problem that unites them all, sooner or later. No alarmism, it will not be a few inches of skin not perfectly smoothed to make it less fascinating, but it is true that the more the trial approaching, the more the battle against the fat layers becomes intense.

Before spending a fortune on creams and lotions that promise miracles, however, it is appropriate to know the enemy well. Cellulite is not found in the superficial layer of the skin, that effect with orange peel that we look with a lot of disappointment is the result of what happens in the subdermis, at the level of deep fat. To be able to intervene effectively, therefore, it is necessary that our cream full of active ingredients and promises reach at least 3 centimeters of depth. Unfortunately it is not possible for a simple cosmetic to arrive at that.

Attention to pharmacological treatments, which certainly help to dissolve fats, but almost always act at the thyroid level. Levothyroxine, contained in these products, is a hormone that can enter the body through the capillaries, which can reduce the hormone production of the thyroid. Once the treatment is interrupted, there is a serious risk that the thyroid will continue to function less. Creams, gels and moisturizing patches can only moisturise the surface of the skin, making it more toned and elastic, but actually improve the appearance of what contains cellulite.

Balanced diet, little salt, constant physical activity and maybe some massage are the best things you can do to please you more, nothing forbids the use of anti-cellulite creams, but simply remember that it is not the most expensive ones that work better...

  • 24/08/2018