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The days get heavy, the temperature increases, the colleagues are on vacation and instead you have to stay to garrison the desk, perhaps with the air conditioning out of use, and as if that was not enough there is him, the boss, who does not gives you respite, is breathing on your neck, complains constantly and generates within you a great, great desire to send everything to the air, get up, slam the door and leave.

That coercive force that is imprisoning you is stress, the real disease of the century, the one that must be eliminated before the brain passes to concretely affect other parts of our body. What is commonly called stress, is nothing but a physiological reaction of our body, which seeks to adapt to the demands of our physical and mental balance influenced by external factors. It's a kind of alarm bell to show us that something is not going the right way, so it's good to listen to it and satisfy the needs of our body, to which we are asking for an excessive expenditure of energy.

Healthy life and nutrition, constant but not intensive sports, are things that help to maintain a good balance and release tensions, but what to do when we suffer a real crisis that seems to want to blow us up there, between the copying machine and the coffee? The only solution to manage it is also the simplest: breathe!

If you can go away for a few minutes, perhaps with the excuse of a phone call or the bathroom, and let go of the rigidity that has taken possession of your body. In an upright position with the legs apart and the knees slightly bent, place both hands just above the navel. Inhale deeply and slowly and then throw the air out for a couple of minutes, or at least until some colleague worried about your absence will knock on the door to know if you are still alive.

The exercises that can be performed in these cases are many, it is just a matter of becoming aware of our breathing and of regaining possession of the normal capacities of our body. As for your head yes, you're right, a little 'silence would certainly help not shorten the breath (the noise is in fact interpreted by the brain as an alarm signal), but how to behave with him? Unfortunately, if he is the boss he will be the one to command, it's better to follow him and not give him opportunities to vent his frustrations on us. Instead of considering him as an enemy, let's try to think of him as a human being, just like we have a life, a family, problems to face.

Do not do it for him but for you, you will realize that over time your hatred will decrease and so will the negative energy that circulates within the walls of your workplace and that is so able to influence thoughts and reactions. And then hold on, the deserved rest will come for you too!

  • 24/08/2018