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Even those who are not a shopping fan can not resist the temptation represented by SEASONAL SALES!

Clothes and accessories at low prices, sometimes very low, work better than a magnet, especially in this period of crisis that seems to never end, but often hide buttons and hinges of small big traps. The positive side is represented by the fact that the "end-of-season sales" come more and more when the season is still underway, allowing you to enjoy new purchases right away, but, unfortunately, not all retailers respect the rules linked to this particular type of sale. Yes, because there are rules and it is good to know them if you do not want to throw away time, money and good humor.

Take a tour of the shops that interest you a few days before the sales start and store well the price of the item you are aiming, it happens that some sellers falsify, increasing it, the starting price to justify a discount percentage actually inexistent.


As required by current legislation, on the card must be indicated the starting price, the final price and the percentage discount applied. Once you arrive at the checkout, check that the final price indicated is practiced!

Inside the stores, the goods on sale must be well separated from the new collections, which must have a clear indication.

The goods on sale can also be paid by credit card. In case of refusal of the shopkeeper, it is possible to report the incident to the company that issued the card, if it has an agreement with the point of sale.

Testing clothing is not an absolute right, as is the possibility of changing the goods. These decisions are at the discretion of the retailer, to whom you should ask for information before paying to avoid lengthy discussions.

The exchange is instead allowed in case of defective goods, even during the sales period. However, keep the receipt, which according to art.1519-sexsies of the Civil Code will make the warranty valid for two years after purchase (the defect must be declared within 60 days from the time of purchase).

Defects in goods must clearly be indicated before purchase. If this does not happen the shopkeeper is obliged to replace the defective item even if he declares that the items on sale can not be changed.

Even the "special offers" must be further discounted during the sales period.

The goods displayed on the balance must not be that of three years before but of the current season.

Look to trusted shops and use common sense, if the discounts are more than 50% or the goods are not this season or the shopkeeper is selling below cost ... be careful and have fun!

  • 24/08/2018