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Nowadays it is increasingly rare to have a room to be used as a laundry area, in most cases in fact the washing machine will fit inside the kitchen or bathroom furniture, even when it will not be forced to show off like all the rest of the furniture! The aesthetic aspect has therefore become an important aspect to consider when it comes to the purchase of a new washing machine, but fortunately the models on the market offer a well-supplied range in this regard. Beauty accompanied by another basic requirement, however (at least for those who do not have a 500 sqm apartment): the silence. Mark it in the list of questions to ask the salesman ... Comfort and aesthetics aside, the first thing you need to clarify before choosing your washing machine is the load capacity you need.

If you are an unrepentant single you will hardly go beyond 4/5 kg. The families of five people will exceed 7 kg, while a couple can comfortably settle on a capacity of 6 kg. A variable load capacity, able to modify times and cycles based on the amount of laundry introduced into the drum, will allow a considerable energy saving, mother nature and your current account will be grateful to you. All washing machines have preset programs to adjust the type of wash based on fabrics and colors (modern displays will help you in your choice), rather worry about the spin speed, the higher the garments will be dry (but also a little bit) 'more wrinkled) at the end of the wash. Some models allow you to manually adjust the speed intensity of the revolutions per minute.

Load from above or front? The choice also depends on the load capacity you need, usually in fact the washing machines with front porthole have a greater capacity of the colleagues with opening on the upper part, which are usually narrower. Once these dilemmas have been resolved, one big question remains: how much to spend?

The washing machine is, perhaps, the most important household appliance in a house, it will have to stay with you for a long time and it is therefore appropriate that the investment be made in the long term. The washing machines are evaluated mainly by the revolutions per minute that they are able to perform: the cheapest ones are on the market from 400 rpm up to about 900 rpm for medium - high quality ones. The high quality models count 1100 - 1200 rpm. That said, consider starting your budget at least from 400 euros up to 1,000, but you do not risk flooding and put quality first!

  • 24/08/2018