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Arm yourself with patience and look for a fairly large and beautiful round pumpkin. If necessary, wash it (damp sponge or bicarbonate depending on the amount of patina to remove) so that you can see well the signs that you are going to engrave.

First of all, cover the area where you are going to work with lots of sheets of newspaper because the risk of getting dirty and dirty is quite high. With an indelible marker, draw the eyes, nose, mouth and above all the cap. The cap is the upper part of the pumpkin, the one to which the "stem" is attached, and is an area to be treated with particular care. Just from there you will go in fact to remove the pulp and the seeds of the pumpkin (which must be empty at the end of work to allow you to insert the candles and lanterns that will serve to create the "monstrous" effect).

Then draw around the base of the stem a spherical or zig zag shape, or any shape that will allow you to be cut perfectly and removed without being broken (the cap will then be reinserted into the pumpkin).

Take a sharp kitchen knife or a large cutter and sink the knife firmly into the pumpkin. Do everything slowly, so as not to ruin the outline of the cap. When finished, pry with a knife or a cutlery handle and remove the cap.

At this point if you are squeamish wear gloves: you have to dip your hands in the pumpkin and remove all the pulp. Help yourself with a spoon, especially to remove the seeds. Once all the contents have been eliminated, you can carve your eyes, nose and mouth: you will see that with the empty pumpkin the work will be much quicker.

The bulk is done. Now check the contours of the carvings you have made and if you notice any residual markers cleaned with a sponge. Now insert a candle: a simple light will suffice, the important thing is that it has a metal base and the wax is not dispersed. For greater security you can also use small tea light, led lights that have in all respects the effect of a real flame.

Close the pumpkin with the cap that you have kept aside and ... trick or treat?

  • 24/08/2018