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Warm, cold, light, dark, bright, opaque colors. Painting a room with the right color can often be enough to make it look bigger, more airy, it helps to give character to an environment and the right color arrangement helps to emphasize the beauty of furniture or important furnishing accessories. But how to choose the perfect color for the walls of your home?


Depending on personal tastes, it is possible to identify lines to be followed to achieve the desired effect.


An aisle that is too long and narrow may appear narrow, then colored the front wall of a dark color and the effect will be more contained. Very high ceilings jeopardize the proportions studied for that room and are dispersive, which is not very suitable for a room chosen for moments of relaxation or study. The remedy, at an optical level, consists in painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls. Just be careful not to choose a too dark color though: you prefer blue to blue, pink to red, taupe to brown, otherwise the result would be too suffocating.


The other way around, if the ceilings appear too low, choose light colors for the ceiling and walls. In this way the appearance will be more harmonious, especially if, while remaining the same shade, the ceiling will be colored with a weaker gradation compared to the walls. The trick is to vary the perception of space, to create color schemes that give strength and enhance each other, to give character to the whole environment.


According to chromotherapy and other scientific experiments, the color of a wall can influence mood, so it is essential to calibrate the shades according to the intended use of the room to be renewed. Energetic and stimulating colors like orange and yellow are not suitable for a bedroom, where instead the calm and relaxing tones such as blue or green will facilitate sleep and rest.


Even purple is a color suitable for relaxation, so it could be very suitable for a stay, where we usually read a good book or drink a glass of wine with friends. Red is the passionate color par excellence, strengthens the sensations, gives strength, therefore suitable for a gym, but not a meeting room, where it risks to set fire to souls. Those who love classic black and white can renew it by using very smooth walls and shiny surfaces, embellished with transparencies and design objects that will make the environment more contemporary.


If you love bright colors, allow them in a single wall of the room you have chosen, because four walls green acid, fuchsia or fluo orange are likely to turn into the classic fist in an eye, not to mention that it would be complicated to adapt the furniture. Also consider the floor, which must always be clearer than the walls.


We conclude by reviewing the main indications of chromotherapy, which could be a starting point to decide the perfect colors for your home or your office.

  • Red - Color of fire and love, can have ambivalent results. Associated with strength but also with violent passions.
  • Orange - Gives energy, enthusiasm, optimism and positivity.
  • Yellow - Stimulates memory and imagination. It is associated with the brain.
  • Green - It is the color associated with harmony. Give peace, hope, balance, calm and concentration.
  • Blue - Calm and regeneration.
  • Purple - Purifies and is related to the spiritual side. It helps intuition and inspiration.

  • 24/08/2018