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A matter of taste, of course, but also of proportions, geometries, harmonies. Choosing the right hairstyle means first of all evaluating the shape of the face and then opting for a style that enhances our best features.


Those with a round face can choose a cut in a bob cut. Very suitable for those who have fine or straight hair, you risk creating problems for those with a voluminous foliage. Why a round face? Because the bob cut lengthens the face, so much so that it is not a cut recommended for those with a long down face or an obvious chin because it would make these aspects even more pronounced. If the face is round but the jaw is square, ask the hairdresser to create a yoke that reaches up to the middle of the neck, will soften the features. If the face is very round, avoid fringe.


Those with an angular face can choose a medium length or a long bob, which softens the strokes and minimizes any chin defects. The long hair up to the shoulders, are a suitable choice for those who have the patience to style them with headbands and hairpins, because the average length, albeit suitable for almost all types of hair, creates some "management" problems.


Minute face and big eyes are the characteristics suitable for a very short cut: practical and perfect for those who can boast a face with harmonious lines. However, recommended only for women who are very feminine, who is a little masculine, in physicality or in attitudes, is likely to look even more like this with a very short cut.


Long hair looks good for everyone, just understand if it is better to wear them with a line in the middle, side, a fringe or styled in a tail or a braid. To be meticulous, it is recommended the hair long over the shoulders to slender figures, with the long neck, an oval face and not dug. The request here, however, is to treat them a lot, especially if the hair is fine: there is nothing worse than seeing long hair, which obviously attract attention, end with dry double ends and stringy! Soften the features with a slight scaling, waves or curls.


  • 23/08/2018