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What's better than a good mojito to cool off the summer evenings? Here's how to prepare it!

Ingredients: 5/10 of light rum; 5/10 of dash or soda wather; 3 or 4 pieces of lime; 3 teaspoons of brown sugar; mint leaves; cubed ice.

  • Wash and cut the lime 
  • Put the pieces of lime in the glass (high if possible), add the sugar and pound it well so that the lime is squeezed and kneaded with sugar. At this point add some mint leaves.
  • Fill the glass with crushed ice (it is packed in some hypermarkets or you can simply chop it with a blender).
  • Pour the rum and sparkling water (half a glass of rum and half a glass of water)
  • Add some more mint leaves and then mix everything, making sure starting from the bottom to make the sugar and the lime rise. 
  • Complete with a drop of dark rum if you have it.

  • 23/08/2018