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Not only are the dogs of Paris Hilton able to boast a Hollywood star wardrobe, on the web you can find and buy beautiful clothes for our four-legged friends and, fortunately, not all are studded with pink paiettes and diamonds. Online there is something for all tastes, the clothing for dogs is a tremendously serious business and the designers who deal with this very special sector think of all the opportunities for use.

Buying online a new fashion head for your beloved dog will allow you to access incredible proposals and to have available an almost infinite sample, in the classic pet products stores, however, you risk finding only the usual 3 color collars and some sad rainproof cape.

But our loved ones have personalities to sell, we know it well, so why settle? Not only pink sweaters and tulle skirts for mignon dogs, dog fashion thinks of representatives of all races! From the quilted down jacket with a hood for the winter months, declined in military or detective theme for the most guarding dogs, to the printed Burberry suit for the most chic types, up to the super hero costumes and the light blue prince to show off on special occasions. The jeans give way to comfortable sweatshirts to enjoy the best relaxation on the sofa at home, while if mum and dad get married here are available wedding dresses: papillion and jacket for him, white dress for her, embellished by a white veil to be even more suited to the ceremony. But then again: suits, bathrobes, sweatshirts, t-shirts, raincoats, tank tops, coats ...

But will it really be necessary to cover dog friends like this or is it just a ridiculous habit of bosses who have nothing better to do? Maybe in some moments you let yourself get too caught up, but it is true that the short-haired breeds in the winter months suffer from the cold. Usually these categories of dogs are the first recipients of these style choices (rarely we have seen a husky wearing a coat over his thick fur), which otherwise would risk shaking from head to legs for the duration of the walk.

The important thing is that the clothes that the dogs wear are of good quality and guarantee their freedom of movement, if not, do not force them just for your pure fun!

Ah sure, advice on where to buy? Take a look at this store (click here to open the link).

  • 21/08/2018