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Living in the company of a four-legged friend means experiencing one of the most enduring and deep relationships that can be created. Whether it's a dog or a cat that cares little, that pile of hair will spend a lot of time with us and will witness countless important moments.

As with all ties, it takes time for it to become positive and satisfying for both parties. We need commitment, attention and a lot of good will.

One of the best ways to build a good man-dog or man-cat relationship is to play with them.

A shared activity and a high quality of the time spent together makes the bond stronger, helps the puppy to trust the owner, to recognize him as a point of reference. At the same time "man" learns to understand the signals and attitudes of his animal. As happens with children, leisure activities also have an important educational function.

In fact, we must not forget that in order to correctly integrate a dog into one's daily life, it is necessary to respect rules of coexistence. Not everyone loves animals and their presence in some public places is forbidden or limited by small precautions to be taken. So it is important that the animal learns to execute the master's orders and to react in a certain way to some inputs (and not to react to others at all!). Professional educators know how to use the toy to correctly set up the growth of the dog, which will learn correct habits while having fun. The moments of play make him feel important, loved, make him more confident of himself and the relationship he has with you.

Dogs and cats can play at home or outdoors, they can be attracted by balls, frisbee and many other objects, they like to jump over obstacles (ok, maybe not all races!) And, some, put their paws in the water . For every size, race and character there are suitable products, the important thing is to remember that a dog or a cat that plays with its owner is a happy, stimulated, calmer and more manageable animal.

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  • 21/08/2018