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If you have fun creating tutorials, if you like to film your friends while making fun of karaoke, if you love going around with a camera, pick up the strange thing happening around you and then you can not help but share it with the rest of the world through Youtube, then this post is for you.

Have you ever thought about earning money thanks to your hobby? Not everyone knows, but Youtube has created an affiliate program through which you can monetize thanks to your videos. The logic is simple, you agree to have ads inserted before, after or during your video and Youtube, which sells those spaces to advertisers, shares with you a little bit of your income. Easy, no?

But how do you become a Youtube affiliate? Scroll down the page "Youtube Partner Program", you will find a box in which the title "Monetize your videos" appears, click and start the procedure. To be accepted in the program you must have a very active user history behind it, in fact one of the basic requirements is that the affiliates have uploaded a lot of videos and that even more numerous were the visualizations.

The videos in question must be original in the sense that they must be created by you, they must not violate any law and their contents must be lawful. If all of your videos respond to these features, start filling out the application form, where you will need to provide personal information and answer questions about the quality and content of the videos. A presentation is also required, in which you briefly explain something about yourself and tell what projects you intend to promote on Youtube in the future.

Once finished, you will have to check the item "Monetize video" and click on the "Reread module" button. If everything is correct, you can proceed to forward the application. When this is accepted, every time you upload a video you must remember to check the "Claim this video" and "Allow in-stream advertising for this video" options. In 12/48 hours you will know if the video has been accepted and made available to the public.

If you do not have the requirements to become a Youtube affiliate, you can still allow advertising to appear on your channel's videos (check the "Settings" item), but to receive payments you will need to have an Adsense account.

  • 21/08/2018